Friday, April 15, 2016

Four + Years............

So here I am 4+ years later. I have a couple of more marathons since my last post but nothing too news worthy. I am doing my first half IM next weekend (04/23/16) that I am totally under trained for. However, it is better to under trained than over trained- been there, done that.
I have signed up for a marathon in November. I hope to do a few short tri's this summer then hit the marathon training program again and try to get in shape to run a good race. It's been a while so we will see. I keep thinking I will get back in shape to run close to what I did once but life is different these days so I fill good that I get out to run for now.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Beginning

After realizing how much weight I have put on and that my blood pressure is higher than ever I decided (again) that it was time to do something about it. I was/am tired of not feeling good and always being tired so I put together a plan to start running/exercising again to try to get back in to better condition.

Week of 11-26-12:
Mon- bike 7 miles (home recumbent)
Tues- light weight workout
Sun- 2 mile run
Bike - 7 miles; Run - 2 miles

Week of 12-03-12:
Mon- 2 mile treadmill run
Tues- light weight workout
Wed- 2 mile run
Thurs- 2 mile run
Fri- rest day
Sat- spur of the moment 5K - 3.1 miles
Sun- 3 mile run
Run - 12.1 miles

Week of 12-10-12:
Mon- 2 mile treadmill run
Tues- 2 mile treadmill run; 5 miles on exercsie bike
Wed- 3 mile treadmill run
Thurs- off day
Fri- off day
Sat- 4 mile run
Sun- 3 mile run
Bike - 5 miles; Run - 14 miles

Week 0f 12-17-12:
Mon- 3 mile treadmill run
Tues- 4 mile run; 6 mile exercise bike
Wed- 3 mile treadmill run; 4 mile exercise bike
Thurs- 2 mile treadmill run
Fri- off day
Sat- 6 mile run
Sun- 3 mile run
Bike - 10 miles; Run - 21

Monday, October 01, 2012

"Want to" doesn't equal "will"

I have had about 20 false starts to running this year. Seems I get a good start, miss a couple of runs, then before I know it 3-4 weeks has passed and I am starting over. I don't think I have over 100 miles in for this year. I miss running but can't seem to get a good steady flow going. I know once I get back in to some similance of shape that I will be more apt to making myself get out there even when other things come up. Guess I have to get over the ego thing of not being able to run any where near the speeds I could at one time and not being able to run 2 miles without walking.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Week 2 of my commitment to get back in shape was a little tougher than week 1. Had a lot going on at work, something 3 of the 5 weekday evenings, and the weather was pretty stormy.
Goal was again to get 4 runs in- not certain distance, no certain time. I only got 3 runs in but they were pretty good runs.

Weekly Summary:
Mon- No run
Tues- No run
Wed- 3 miles
Thurs- No run
Fri- No run
Sat- 3 miles
Sun- 3 miles

Total- 9 miles

Monday, January 16, 2012

I had what I will call a successful "1st week" of running for this year. My goal for the week was 4 runs- plain and simple. No time requirements, not distance requirements- just get out 4 times to run. I did that and ended up running 4 miles on Sunday. I stopped at 4 and stood there for a moment, contemplated doing one more mile, but decided against it. I don't want to get caught up in miles or time at this point. I just want to run and enjoy it.

Weekly Summary:
Mon- No run
Tues- 3 miles
Wed- No run
Thurs- 3 miles
Fri- No run
Sat- 3 miles
Sun- 4 miles

Total- 13 miles

Monday, January 09, 2012

After running the lowest miles in a year last year since I started running I decided to get back in shape and lose the 40 lbs I have put on. Also, seeing the shape my father had gotten in made me realize I needed to get back to exercising.
My father had a heart attack 14 years ago, a couple of "mini" strokes, and a stroke 2 years ago. Then he developed cancer in his left shoulder/neck area and had radiation and then surgery to remove the muscle and affected area. He fought hard and over came most of the damage from all of that except for the heart. From what I am told the lower chambers of his heart were at 20% (should have been at 60-65%).

I was in Arkansas over the Thanksgiving week and he was hurting pretty badly but still doing some things and was active. Within the next 4 weeks he last nearly 40 lbs, became immobile, and then passed away on 01-02-12. It is still hard to believe that he declined that quickly and is gone.

Even with everything that went on he took care of my mother in law for the last 3-4 years as she was in the beginning stages of Alzhiemers and Parkinsons. Daddy was determined and swore that as long as he could crawl he would keep her at home and take care of her and that is exactly what he did. He had assistance for 4 hours a day but other than that he took care of her. They had plans for their retirement and nothing worked out as they had planned die to the illnesses of both.

I dedicate this year to my father and vow to get back in shape and healthy again.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wow- this forum is still here. I will have to update it now that I know it is still alive and working. Nothing to say on the running front- not much running at all. I changed jobs last May (2010) which was a bust. Left that company in Oct (2010) and started work at a new company in Feb (2011). Very challenging job, a lot of learning opportunities, but not really anywhere to run during lunch.